Partnership With Parents
  • Settling In
  • Here at Tiggers Too! We take working in partnership with all our parents very seriously. We know that you are your child’s first and most important educator and through you we can learn more about your child and how we can best care for them. This is why we take the settling in process so seriously, not only is it a chance for your child to get to know your child’s key person,  it is a chance for you to share all of the knowledge about your child and what makes them so special.

    Prior to your child starting we offer home visits, this gives you and your child an opportunity to meet your key person in your own environment where your child feels most comfortable. It’s a chance for you to share all the necessary information, so that when you come in for the first settling in session we can focus on making your child feel as comfortable and happy as possible.

    When you leave your child with us each day we will discuss with you how your child is and what they have been doing and every time you collect your child we will share with you what your child has been enjoying during their time with us. Every day, as well as this verbal feedback, you will receive a daily report sheet which will tell you all the things you may wish to know for example sleep times and what they have eaten.

    Keeping you informed

    We work hard to involve you in every special event or piece of news relevant to the nursery and your child. We do this through newsletters, emails and we also have a Facebook page which we update regularly. Special events may include celebrations, fundraising, parties and visitors, whatever the special news we will keep you informed.

    Every week your child’s team will send you an email informing you of the following weeks activities, how you can get involved at home, training courses practitioners have attended and lots more.

    Parents evening

    Every year we hold our annual parents evening, which is an informal event to allow you to come into nursery, out of normal hours, and speak to your child’s key person about your child and their development. With wine and nibbles at the ready it’s always a great success.


    We understand that children can face many transitions, whether this is a change within the family, moving between our groups or going off to big school, we work hard to support every child with any transitions they may face.
    For children going off to ‘big school’ we invite their teacher in to nursery to visit, for a child attending another setting we offer a diary system so that we can work alongside the setting, if a child is moving groups we support them with a gradual settling in process.

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